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Divorced father breaks in to see his kids

Limassol police arrest father on mental violence and trespassing charges at ex wife’s house


A divorced father was arrested in Limassol in connection with a domestic violence incident under investigation, with reports saying he broke in his ex wife’s home to spend time with his children.

According to police, a man in his 40’s was arrested Thursday evening on a court warrant on trespassing as well as charges related to an authority figure applying psychological pressure.

Local media said the dad went to his ex wife’s house around 2pm and knocked on the door to see his children, with the their mother reportedly refusing to open the door.

He then managed to gain entry into the residence without her permission and locked himself in the bedroom with his two young children

He then managed to gain entry into the residence without her permission and locked himself in the bedroom with his two young children. 

A CID Limassol officer who had been trained as a negotiator, along with law enforcement agents from the Domestic Violence unit, rushed to the scene where they spoke with the father who came out of the home an hour later.

Police said the suspect was arrested for on suspicion of trespassing and exerting non-physical violence, adding that no physical violence was being suspected by authorities.

Additional reports said the father had gone to the house to spend time and play with his young children.  

Police did not rule out seeking the suspect’s remand in order to investigate the incident, telling Knews the case involved allegations of domestic violence.

Details relating to a possible joint custody agreement were not immediately available.


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