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Dad arrested on child abduction charges

Syrian father detained in Paphos after snatching his two kids from their mother's home


A father has been arrested in Paphos following a kidnapping incident, after he reportedly snatched his two children from the custody of their mother.

According to police, a 39-year-old Syrian male went Tuesday afternoon to a residence in Chloraka, Paphos district, where his two children were staying with their 41-year-old mother, reportedly a Greek Cypriot woman who was said to have full child custody.

Media reports said the man went up to the residence around 5:30pm and used an axe to break a glass partition and gain entry into the house.

The man then left with the two children, but one of them managed to get back to her mother while the other child, a 9-year-old boy, was later found along with the suspect.

Police did not provide further information citing privacy concerns but confirmed that the man was arrested and charged with child abduction as well as malicious destruction of property.

The two children were said to be in good health and back with their mother, who is said to be their legal guardian.

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