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Doctor kicked out of GESY over fictitious charges

Nicosia surgeon to face prosecution after filing claims for medically unnecessary injections


Prosecutors in Cyprus are moving forward with a case against a GESY doctor suspected of health insurance fraud, after officials found he had been racking up false claims for medically unnecessary injections.

According to local media, the attorney general gave the go ahead for prosecutors to file a criminal case against a surgeon in Nicosia within the GESY network, the state’s healthcare system, after his submitted claims for reimbursement were flagged by administrators.

Reports said the he doctor submitted a claim covering a period between July 2020 and May 2021, amounting to €7300 for patient injections. 

'When you have everyone getting the shot in every visit, while other doctors see no need for that, then it’s an issue'

But the claim was deemed “out of the ordinary” when compared to colleagues, according to an official who told state radio on Thursday morning that “the activity was caught and the system worked.”

“When you have everyone getting the shot in every visit, while other doctors see no need for that, then it’s an issue,” the official said.

Local media said administrators have clarified that injections may have been necessary in several cases but the total number of claims was suspicious and a red flag.

The neurosurgeon is facing multiple charges in connection with corruption, illegal gains, unauthorized manufacture of documents, falsifying records, fraud, and obtaining property under false pretenses.

Prosecutors have reportedly gathered evidence from health officials who worked on the case as well as patients, while it remained unclear whether medically unnecessary injections were simply filed or also administered.

About a dozen cases of suspected fraud are currently under investigation within the GESY network, with the doctor in question said to have been kicked out of the system while others have been permanently or temporarily suspended.

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