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Dogs left in harsh heatwave ignored by authorities

Ministry of Agriculture responds to dog Welfare crisis


The Agriculture Ministry, responsible for the welfare of animals on the island, has pledged to take swift action in response to a new case of dogs reportedly left unprotected during a prevailing heatwave, as reported by Philenews.

On Monday, a concerned woman passing through the Famagusta district noticed two dogs tied up in unsuitable outdoor premises that offered no protection from the scorching sun and unbearable heat. Disturbed by the situation, she immediately contacted local authorities, but unfortunately, they failed to respond to her plea for assistance. However, the situation took a different turn when the woman contacted the police stationed at the nearby Dhekelia British base.

The police officer who arrived promptly to inspect the premises claimed that the two dogs were strays, tied up by the owner in an attempt to protect them. To address the immediate concerns, he decided to move the dogs to another part of the "shelter," which was supposedly more suitable for their well-being. However, this information is yet to be verified.

In the meantime, animal activists urged the woman to send an urgent letter to the Ministry, and to their credit, the Ministry promptly responded. They assured the woman that an officer would be dispatched on Tuesday to inspect the premises and assess the condition of the dogs. Furthermore, the Ministry vowed to take all necessary measures to ensure the well-being and protection of the two dogs.

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