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Dozens of complaints about elderly patients tied up and denied food or water

'All those in charge must accept responsibility and take effective action,' Marios Kouloumas said.

The head of the Cyprus Federation of Patients' Associations (CPA), Marios Kouloumas, has revealed dozens of complaints about elderly patients in hospitals being neglected.

Mr. Kouloumas said in a statement for the "Alpha Kalimera" program that the complaints are about patients who are denied medical care, restrained to beds, sedated to prevent disruptions in the wards, and without food or water. Additionally, those who have bedsores are sent home or to nursing homes.

Asked why this mismanagement is taking place, the President of the OSAA replied "First of all it is a matter of mindset and that is why we need to see how this mindset changes. From there it is also a matter of control and supervision. And as I said it happens to older people because they are particularly vulnerable, they don't have the fortitude or the knowledge or the environment of a young person who will react to such behaviors".

Mr. Kouloumas stated that "all those responsible must take responsibility and take effective measures" in order to solve this issue.

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