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Dust in the air, changes everywhere

Weather whirlwind: What's brewing in the skies?


A weak low-pressure system is gradually making its presence felt across the region, ushering in changes in the weather pattern. Residents can expect occasional dust particles suspended in the atmosphere, with concentrations possibly increasing temporarily, particularly from Friday onwards.

Expect mostly clear skies today, with intermittent periods of increased average and high clouds. Winds will predominantly blow from the northeast to southeast, while transitioning to west to northwest along the west coast in the afternoon. Wind speeds will range from weak to moderate, measuring between 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale. Sea conditions are expected to be slightly turbulent. Temperature-wise, anticipate highs around 31 degrees Celsius in the interior, approximately 27 degrees Celsius along the southeast and east coasts, around 26 degrees Celsius elsewhere along the coastline, and about 22 degrees Celsius in the higher elevations.

Tonight, skies will remain mostly clear with sporadic intervals of increased average and high clouds. Winds will maintain a mainly northeast to southeast direction, occasionally becoming variable, with weak winds prevailing, occasionally reaching moderate levels, registering between 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale. The sea is forecasted to remain slightly turbulent. Overnight temperatures will dip to around 13 degrees Celsius in the interior and higher mountainous regions, approximately 18 degrees Celsius along the West Coast, and around 16 degrees Celsius along the rest of the coastline.

Friday's weather will see mostly cloudy conditions with average and high cloud cover, with localized increases in low clouds observed in western areas by evening. Saturday is expected to bring intermittent cloud cover, with isolated rainfall possible, primarily in the west, north, and mountainous regions. Sunday's forecast calls for temporary mostly cloudy skies, with the gradual onset of localized rains and isolated thunderstorms.

Temperature-wise, Friday will witness a slight rise, surpassing average climatic values. However, by Sunday, temperatures are set to undergo a gradual and significant decline, falling below average seasonal norms. Stay tuned for further updates as the weather situation unfolds.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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