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UN envoy pursues diplomatic solutions in Cyprus meetings

Diplomatic push: Cuellar engages Cyprus leaders for progress

Yiannis Ioannou

Yiannis Ioannou

In favourable weather conditions, as per ''K'' information, Maria Angela Holguín Cuéllar held pivotal meetings with the two leaders. The Colombian diplomat commenced her day with a one-hour and fifteen-minute session with President Christodoulides, followed by a sixty-minute engagement with Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, in the Occupied Territories. Accompanying Ms. Holguín Cuéllar in both encounters was her esteemed adviser, Patti Londono, a former Colombian diplomat.

Amidst the ongoing Cyprus conundrum, Mrs. Cuéllar remains steadfast in her pursuit of a joint meeting between the two leaders. Her agenda for her final day in Cyprus, next Monday, May 13, includes separate discussions with the leaders.

Following her productive deliberations at the Presidential Palace, UN Secretary-General's Personal Envoy, Mrs. Holguin, underscored the "very constructive" nature of her meeting with President Christodoulides. She echoed the collective desire for progress among civil society and the private sector. Mrs. Holguin emphasized the imperative of heeding global voices and fostering common ground, marking her third visit to Cyprus since her UN appointment.

Delving into the substance of her discussions, Mrs. Holguin shared insights from her recent diplomatic endeavors in Berlin, Paris, the EU, Moscow, and Ankara, prior to her arrival in Cyprus. She expressed optimism regarding the international community's support for advancing progress.

However, following the Holguin-Tatar meeting in occupied Nicosia, Turkish Cypriot leader, in a concise address to the local media, reiterated the precondition of recognising the sovereign equality of the "TRNC" for talks on the Cyprus issue to resume. Mr. Tatar lamented the absence of common ground for dialogue, referring to Mrs. Holguin's terms of reference and anticipating developments until July 4, when he perceives the completion of the Colombian UN diplomat's mission.

Sources from the Occupied Territories indicate that the Holguin-Tatar meeting did not foster a particularly constructive atmosphere. Nevertheless, there is acknowledgment of a measured approach from Tatar, contrasting with the anticipation of forthcoming initiatives from the Personal Envoy in Cyprus in the ensuing days.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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