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Elderly couple arrested in Famagusta cannabis haul

Famagusta authorities seize 415 grams of cannabis in raid


In a targeted operation led by members of the YKAN (Famagusta Branch), a search was conducted yesterday at the residence of a 70-year-old man in the Famagusta district. The search, authorized by a court warrant, revealed startling findings.

Inside the home, alongside the 61-year-old wife of the resident, authorities discovered a stash of cannabis meticulously concealed in glass bottles and nylon bags. The total quantity seized amounted to 415 grams. Additionally, investigative teams unearthed paraphernalia associated with cannabis use, including a used tobacco pipe, a grinder with residual plant matter, and a medical syringe containing 1ml of cannabis oil. Notably, a precision scale was also seized from the premises.

As a result of these findings, both the elderly man and his wife were promptly arrested on charges related to drug possession. They were subsequently placed in custody pending further investigation by the YKAN (Famagusta Unit). The operation underscores ongoing efforts to combat drug-related activities in the region.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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