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Former US Ambassador to Cyprus Judith Garber passes away at 63

Renowned diplomat remembered for contributions to US-Cyprus relations


Former US Ambassador to Cyprus Judith Garber, who served in the role from 2019 to 2022, passed away on May 4 at the age of 63. Garber's diplomatic career spanned decades, marked by notable appointments including her tenure as the US Ambassador to Latvia from 2009 to 2012. Additionally, she held key positions within the US Department of State, such as acting assistant secretary of the Bureau of Oceans, Environment, and Science, and served as an economic advisor in various capitals.

During her time as ambassador to Cyprus, Garber played a significant role in diplomatic relations between the United States and Cyprus, leaving a lasting impact on the bilateral ties.

Garber's funeral is scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 9, in Virginia, USA, according to announcements made regarding her passing.

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