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EAC warns of fake employees asking for money

Employees of the EAC hold ID cards which should be presented when entering a customer's premises

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The Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) has warned consumers about people posing as EAC employees or partners while demanding money to restore their power supply.

The EAC said it had received complaints from customers who were visited by such fraudsters after their electricity was cut off. The impostors offered to reconnect the electricity if the customers paid them a certain amount of money.

The EAC clarified that it had no connection with these people and urged consumers to be very careful.

It explained that the electricity supply could be interrupted only in the following cases:

- Damage to the electricity network affecting a wider area
- A planned outage that was announced to the affected customers in advance
- A blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker at the customer's premises
- Non-payment of an electricity bill that was already notified to the customer

The EAC said that in case of damage to the network, its crews would repair it as soon as possible without any charge to the customers. In case of a planned outage, the expected restoration time would be posted on its website. In case of a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, the customer would have to call EAC Distribution for repair or reset and pay a fee that would appear on their next bill. In case of non-payment, the customer would have to settle their bill and then get an official confirmation from an EAC official about the reconnection time. The reconnection fee for non-payment would also appear on their next bill.

The EAC added that its staff who visited customers' substations always carry their corporate ID cards and encouraged customers to ask them for identification.

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