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Earthquake shakes eastern Mediterranean

Tremors felt across Cyprus and region, no reported injuries, possible post-seismic activity remains a concern


A 6.1 earthquake struck 92 miles southeast of Karpathos on Tuesday morning, with reports pointing to tremors felt in Cyprus and across the eastern Mediterranean along with concerns of further post-seismic activity.

The United States Geological Survey reported a strong magnitude earthquake 149 kilometers southeast of Karpathos on Tuesday early morning, at 5:32am, with estimated depth set at 37.8km.

Weak shaking was also felt across Cyprus with reports coming in from different towns and districts, mainly concerning horizontal swinging for a few seconds. In many cases, locals reported waking up from bed shaking or seeing lights and liquids move.

There were also reports from other countries including Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, and Egypt.

No reports of any injuries were made known while some observers said there were concerns over possible post-seismic activity.

The physical activity took place in an area which is currently contested in geopolitics between countries in the region.


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