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Eleftherias Square is getting a bakery and a kiosk

The specifics of the premises' licensing requirements

Source: Announcements

Proposals are currently being accepted for the granting of sub-licenses for the use of two hypostases in Liberty Square. In a press release, the Nicosia Municipality has announced that proposals for the sub-leasing of 2 premises in Eleftheria Square, as a kiosk and an ice cream parlor/confectionary, are now being accepted. 

The kiosk's monthly rent is €1180

The successful bidder will be granted a five-year sublease with the option to extend it for an additional three years for the confectionery/ice cream parlor (23 m2 and 7 m2 warehouse). The calculated minimum monthly license fee was €400 plus VAT.

The winning bidder will receive a sub-license for the kiosk (45 m2 and a 9 m2 storeroom) with a five-year term and the option of an additional three-year term. The calculated minimum monthly rental fee was € 1180 plus VAT.

The deadline for submitting proposals, as stated in the Nicosia Municipality's announcement, is November 25, 2022. It is understood that bids that are less than the minimum monthly sub-license fee will not be accepted and will be regarded as invalid. All information and tender documents are available at for interested parties. 

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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