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Helipad body identified as injured homeless beggar

Decomposed body near Limassol General's helipad belonged to foreigner who had run-in with police back in June


A decomposed body discovered last month near the helipad of Limassol’s state hospital belonged to a homeless beggar, according to Cypriot authorities, with reports saying the foreign man had also been facing multiple medical problems.

According to Philenews, a body found near the helipad at Limassol General Hospital in mid October was tested for fingerprints, matching a foreign male who was described as a homeless beggar.

CID Limassol investigators managed to lift fingerprints from the right palm of the decaying corpse and run them through a Europol database

Philenews cited sources saying CID Limassol investigators managed to lift fingerprints from the right palm of the decaying corpse and run them through a Europol database.

It was not clear whether DNA had also been extracted for tests.

Previous reports said a foreign worker who found the corpse said it was partially covered with shrubs near a tree. Media reports said the body, which was initially thought to belong to an elderly female, was in an advanced stage of decay, possibly for many years, while pieces of clothing could be seen in the lower part of the body.

But after fingerprint identification through Europol, Philenews said the man had several run-ins with police, and the last time was in July 2022 when he was booked for begging.

Additional reports said the homeless person was from Romania and was facing several medical problems. It was not stated clearly whether the man was a patient at the hospital before he died but local media this week said he had an internal metal plate in his leg to fix a bone fracture.

Many medical problems

Police said a missing report was never filed about the man in question while foul play has also been ruled out. 

Local media said the corpse had been attacked by animals, including dogs, foxes, and rats, while it was also reported that high temperatures caused decomposition to accelerate. 

A similar discovery made the news in August 2019 when the decomposed body of another female was found on a summer night within the fenced area of Limassol General near the helipad.

Shocking reports at the time revealed the body belonged to a woman who had visited the hospital twice.

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