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Endangered bird species shot to the ground in Meneou

BirdLife Cyprus called out how the Lake Soros area in Meneou is a well-known spot from which perpetually unpunished perpetrators repeatedly shoot down protected birds


BirdLife Cyprus raised the alarm earlier this week after dozens of birds, such as European bee-eaters, swallows, and other endangered bird species, fell from the skies over the weekend after shots were fired from Meneou’s Lake Soros area.

The environmental NGO said the specific area is unfortunately known as a place where birds are illegally killed.

“Such incidents have been reported many times in the past, and are obviously continuing. The fact that some continue for years to kill protected birds in the specific area and remain unpunished exposes the gaps in policing and the implementation of the law,” BirdLife Cyprus said, noting that the weekend’s incident was reported to local authorities and the dead birds were delivered to the Game Service.

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