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Eparchy of Cyprus demands state action against usurped property

Committee probes Republic of Cyprus' fight against illegal construction


In a closed-door session, the Parliamentary Committee on refugees pressed state institutions for answers on the uncontrolled and illegal construction in the occupied areas, particularly in the Salamis-Trikomos region of Famagusta province.

Committee chairman Nikos Kettiros emphasized the need to bring those acting illegally to justice, seeking information on the Republic of Cyprus' efforts to curb this trend.

Despite concerns over national security, the committee proceeded with the session, revealing little new information.

Kettiros expressed disappointment at the lack of details on investors in the occupied territories and the government's actions against property usurpation.

The committee plans to reconvene with competent authorities to address these critical issues.

Diko MP Christos Senekis revealed that European Arrest Warrants were issued between 2004-2007, stressing the importance of legal measures to combat property usurpation.

Senekis urged the government to reactivate tools to limit this illegality, pointing out a slowdown in usurpation after the Orams decision.

Dipa MP Michalis Giakoumis expressed collective disappointment in the government's inaction regarding Greek Cypriot properties.

Giakoumis called for a protective network for displaced persons' properties and emphasized the need for justice against those breaking the law. The committee urged a holistic approach and expects high-level state representation in future sessions.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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