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Epic customer service: 136 wins Best Contact Centre plus 5 more awards

Cyprus Customer Excellence Awards recognize Epic's commitment to outstanding customer care

Press Release

Epic introduced to the Cyprus market a unique combination of two powerful elements: a great network with great value. These elements are validated by multiple network awards from international measurement organizations like Ookla and umlaut, as well as by the innovative services and propositions presented to the market throughout the years.

The combination of a Great Network and Great Value creates an exceptional experience for Epic customers which is also reflected to the customer service the company provides. Epic’s dedication to a high level of customer service is proven through the six awards collected at the Cyprus Customer Excellence Awards 2023.

Specifically, Epic received the following awards:
• GOLD Best Contact Centre
• GOLD Best Customer Service Initiative B2C
• GOLD Best Use of Customer Feedback & Insights
• GOLD Best Customer Service Learning & Development
• GOLD Best Customer Experience Measurement
• BRONZE Best Customer Experience Strategy

Ms. Marlen Michael, Director of Communications and Customer Experience, stated: “We decisively focus on being customer-centric, and we place the customer at the heart of our daily operations. The multiple distinctions we have received are the culmination of our efforts over the past years. Through a comprehensive redesign, we redefined our customer service, emphasizing immediacy, flexibility, and speed. Our goal is to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, and their needs are not only met but exceeded.”

Epic has raised the bar in customer service through continuous development, improvement, and actions such as:
• Comprehensive redesign of the call centre, placing it at the core of operations at the headquarters in Nicosia, ensuring subscribers are served promptly and efficiently.
• Introducing innovative services for the first time in Cyprus, such as the “My Epic Team,” where each subscriber receives support from their own specialized and dedicated team.
• The installation of new, integrated tools which monitor and analyze subscriber requests from start to finish, ensuring optimal service and the ability to identify areas for improvement.
• Activation and monitoring of the Customer Satisfaction Index, where subscribers are invited to rate their experience with each contact. Their feedback, needs, and expectations are analyzed and incorporated into the company’s strategic actions.
• Continuous investment in the training and development of the representatives' skills to provide exceptional service, improve performance indicators, and achieve high subscriber satisfaction.
Epic remains committed to its promise of continuously improving the lives and experiences of its subscribers. With pioneering solutions, ongoing evolution, and dedication to excellence, Epic sets new standards in customer service, with each award marking another milestone in making communication more accessible, human, and reliable.


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