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EU Health Commissioner urges caution in AI health tools

Stella Kyriakides urges responsible use of AI tools in healthcare, emphasizing human oversight and patient control over data to build trust in emerging technologies


Stella Kyriakides, the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, has raised concerns about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Speaking in Davos, she emphasized the need for safeguards to oversee AI tools in the health sector and insisted on maintaining human control over these procedures.

AI has the potential to bring significant changes to healthcare, from helping with diagnoses to discovering new drugs. The EU is exploring the use of AI in healthcare but is mindful of both the positive and potentially problematic aspects.

Kyriakides, at the World Economic Forum 2024 summit, stated that while AI offers great possibilities, safeguards are crucial. The EU is working on regulations to ensure responsible AI use.

She highlighted the European Health Data Space (EHDS), allowing patients to share health data for research. However, Kyriakides cautioned that this could lead to mistrust, so the EU proposes safeguards, giving patients control over their data.

Maintaining "human control" is a key focus for Kyriakides, ensuring that both doctors and patients understand AI outcomes. For instance, in cancer detection, AI can help, but human expertise is vital for assessments.

In conclusion, Kyriakides emphasized that through initiatives like the EHDS, AI can be trained on large datasets to improve clinical decisions for better diagnoses and personalized care.

[Source: CNA]


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