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Eviction orders issued for Pissouri residences amid ground subsidence concerns

25 homes affected as community grapples with escalating geological challenges


In Pissouri, eviction orders have been issued for 25 residences in the Limnes area due to ground subsidence. The President of the Pissouri Community Council, Lazaros Lazarou, reported this to Parliament. Groundwater and sewage removal in the affected area have been initiated, with a six-month deadline for comprehensive studies. The Geological Survey Department found gypsum at 60 meters and voids at 100 meters during recent drilling, indicating a more severe issue than initially assessed. The Ministry of Interior is evaluating whether planned projects can proceed, considering a second problem area.

As of now, 25 houses have been evicted, and more could face a similar fate without action.

An inter-ministerial committee, chaired by the Minister of Agriculture, is overseeing decisions. The Director General of the Ministry of Interior noted that the evolving geological phenomenon may impact the effectiveness of the projects. The Provincial Administration is assessing affected houses and considering compensation for residents. No new construction permits are being issued in the Limnes area. A Civil Defence exercise is planned for November to test evacuation procedures in case of emergencies.

Community President Lazaros Lazarou acknowledged some progress but emphasized the urgency of the situation for affected residents. He stressed the need for state support for those who lost their homes and received eviction orders. As of now, 25 houses have been evicted, and more could face a similar fate without action. Community efforts are underway to aid affected residents and address licensing issues.

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