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Ex-president speaks out on Cyprus issue and political rivalries

Nicos Anastasiades addresses two-state solution talks, DISY leadership tensions


In his first official interview since ending his term as President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades discussed key political issues and addressed recent controversies within the Democratic Rally (DISY) party. Speaking on the ANT1 podcast, Anastasiades responded to inquiries from Averof Neofytou about discussions regarding a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem and the internal dynamics of DISY during the recent presidential elections.

Anastasiades dismissed Neofytou's criticisms, stating, "I don't want to deal with bitter people," in reference to Neofytou, the former DISY president. This statement has further fueled the rivalry between the two political figures. Neofytou had previously challenged Anastasiades to clarify what was discussed at a September 2018 meeting at the Peninsula Hotel in New York.

Addressing Neofytou's comments, Anastasiades advised him to consult his own records, implying that Neofytou was informed of the details of the 2018 meeting. "What I want to say to Mr. Neofytou, who is asking, is to refer to his diaries, to remember whether he was informed or not, what was said and what was not said at the September 2018 meeting in New York," Anastasiades stated.

Anastasiades also firmly denied allegations made by Toumazos Tselepis regarding Turkey's position during the Crans-Montana talks. Tselepis had claimed that Turkey submitted a non-paper to the UN Secretary-General, agreeing to abolish guarantees and unilateral intervention rights. "What I hear is that Anastasiades stood up and left, so many anomalies from people who were not present, is sad to hear," Anastasiades remarked. He emphasized that official minutes of the talks exist and criticized the perpetuation of what he called fictions.

On the topic of Neofytou's actions following the first round of the 2023 presidential elections and his absence from the subsequent Politburo meeting, Anastasiades expressed disappointment. "What saddens me is that instead of making self-criticism because we lost, we are trying to find out who was the reason for losing the election," he said. He suggested that Neofytou's failure to connect with DISY supporters contributed to his electoral defeat.

Anastasiades further explained his absence from the Politburo, citing reports that he and Prodromos Prodromou had been targeted for harassment. "I had information that he had been set up by those who had set up a tab for him with the aim of bullying," he said.

Anastasiades' remarks have added to the ongoing political discourse in Cyprus, highlighting tensions within the ruling party and the complexities of the Cyprus reunification talks.

You can watch the full podcast in Greek below:


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