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Experts submit list of suggested new relaxations

The list mainly tackled recreational and sports activities, while expert Petros Karayiannis said the majority of the advisory team supports the return of middle school students to classrooms


The team of experts advising the government on managing the coronavirus pandemic has submitted a list of additional relaxations mainly involving recreational and sports activities, expert Petros Karayiannis said Monday.

Karayiannis added that the majority of the advisory team supports allowing middle school students to return to classrooms as soon as possible, noting that the suggestion had already been on the table but was rejected by the Cabinet during the most recent relaxation of measures.

The Cabinet also has the final say as regards the list of new relaxations targeting recreational and sports activities submitted to the government, Karayiannis said.

The expert said more relaxations are expected within April, but said the easing of restrictions must followed through carefully given the spread of new variants across the island.

Karayiannis said certain spaces, such as gyms, could be offered the possibility of accepting more people, and said if a third SMS for legitimate travel is approved by the Cabinet, the experts won’t object.

He added that the island’s epidemiological situation has stabilised, but daily cases remain high.

According to statements issued by the spokesperson for the State Health Services Organization (SHSO) Charalambos Charilaou, recent days have been hospital admissions stabilise.

Charilaou said that 30 patients of a median age of 60 years are currently receiving treatment at the Nicosia General Hospital ICU. He said discharges are picking up speed, balancing out new admissions and keeping beds empty for other patients in need.

Charilaou also said that coronavirus wards have been created at the Larnaca and Paphos airports, providing significant breathing room in tackling the pandemic.


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