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Exploring the possibility of same-sex marriage in Cyprus

Unpacking the aftermath of Greece's landmark decision and analyzing Cyprus's stance on marriage equality, from legal dilemmas to political positions


In today's Sunday edition of Kathimerini, journalist Ioanna Kyriakou delves into the complex landscape surrounding the feasibility and readiness for same-sex marriage in Cyprus, exploring legal intricacies, political stances, and societal reactions in the aftermath of Greece's recent historic legislation on marriage equality.

A long way to marriage equality

In the aftermath of Greece's groundbreaking decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the possibility of Cyprus following suit is shrouded in uncertainty. President Christodoulides, in response to a questionnaire from "K," previously indicated support for equal civil marriage. However, the government's stance on the matter is yet to be definitively articulated. The issue is anticipated to gain prominence following the resolution of gender identity regulations.

Accept LGBTI Cyprus is gearing up to escalate its advocacy efforts, with plans to engage in discussions with political parties and various social groups. Nicolas Tryfon, the president of the organization, expressed a commitment to initiating a dialogue and fostering an exchange of views on the subject. The organization is scheduled to have its first meeting with Minister of Justice Mario Hartsiotis on March 13, focusing on the development of a National Strategy for the protection and safeguarding of the LGBTI community.

Legal experts emphasize that marriage equality is fundamentally a human right, underscoring the necessity for legal recognition and protection for same-sex couples. Alina Tryfonidou, Assistant Professor of European Union Law and Family Law at the University of Cyprus, asserts that the state must acknowledge and regulate these relationships, providing legal safeguards and corresponding obligations.

The article also delves into the potential implications of legalizing same-sex marriage in Cyprus and its societal impact. Ms. Tryfonidou argues that same-sex couples and families are not a passing trend but a longstanding reality that necessitates legal acknowledgment. She contends that ignoring these relationships leads to practical difficulties and negative psychological effects.

Additionally, the article highlights the current legal landscape in Cyprus regarding same-sex couples. Cyprus currently does not recognize marriages of same-sex couples performed in other countries, presenting challenges for individuals seeking legal recognition of their unions. Ms. Tryfonidou recommends amending the Civil Partnership Law of 2015 to automatically convert same-sex marriages performed in other countries into civil partnerships in Cyprus.

The political landscape in Cyprus reflects diverse party stances on the issue. While AKEL, Ecologues, and Bolt express support for marriage equality, DISY, EDEK, and DIPA remain undecided. DIKO and ELAM firmly oppose any legislation on same-sex marriage. The responses from various political parties reveal varying degrees of preparedness and a degree of discomfort in addressing the prospect of initiating a dialogue on this issue.

As the dialogue on same-sex marriage unfolds, the broader context of Cyprus's social and political landscape will play a crucial role in shaping the outcome. The article serves as a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted dimensions surrounding the potential legalization of same-sex marriage in Cyprus.

Read the full article in Kathimerini's printed edition today

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