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Eyewitness alleges horse abuse

Carriage drivers attack cyclist during horse's collapse


New information has surfaced regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of a horse that collapsed on Thursday afternoon in Corfu. According to a report on Proto Thema, an 80-year-old carriage driver is alleged to have whipped the animal just moments before it tragically collapsed.

The incident unfolded at approximately 2 pm on Thursday, despite explicit instructions from the Corfu veterinary service, as reported by MEGA news, which had notified carriage drivers of a temporary ban on horse movements between 1 pm and 5 pm.

An autopsy conducted by the Greek Public Broadcaster, ERT, revealed that the horse's untimely demise was the result of pathological factors, with pulmonary edema being the leading cause. The autopsy, conducted by both public and private veterinarians, confirmed that the horse had been properly fed and cared for, exhibiting no signs of mistreatment.

Individuals close to the 80-year-old carriage driver claim that the horse had returned to work on the very day after recovering from an illness, further adding to the tragedy of the situation.

Compounding the distressing incident, a video circulating on social media depicts other carriage drivers assaulting a cyclist who happened to be present at the scene while the horse took its final breath. The footage has sparked outrage among viewers.

In response to that unfortunate event, a protest rally was scheduled to take place that day in front of Corfu's old fortress. The rally, organized with the slogan "Corfu should not become Santorini," aimed to raise awareness about the issue and demanded an extension of the ban on horse-drawn carriages.

Proto Thema's comprehensive report sheds light on the latest developments surrounding the tragic horse death in Corfu. The eyewitness accounts and the autopsy findings by ERT provide valuable insights into the incident, while the video circulating on social media exposes an additional disturbing aspect of the event. As the protest rally unfolds, the demand to expand the ban on horse-drawn carriages underscores the community's growing concern for animal welfare and advocates for stricter regulations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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