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Farmakas wildfire linked to EAC equipment failure

EAC investigates 3.2 sq km blaze in Farmakas


A fire that ravaged 3.2 square kilometers in Farmakas was determined to have been sparked by a short circuit in an EAC transformer, according to statements from both the Fire Service and EAC officials.

Andreas Kettis, spokesman for the Fire Service, specified that the fire started from a short circuit within the fuse box of an EAC transformer. "The electrical arc resulting from the short circuit caused an explosion, ejecting hot metal fragments and wires that ignited nearby dry vegetation," Kettis elaborated. The blaze affected grasslands, pine trees, and other flora, requiring extensive efforts to fully extinguish, involving collaboration among multiple state departments.

In response, EAC spokeswoman Christina Papadopoulou clarified that while the fire coincided with operational hours of the network, investigations into initial reports linking it to an EAC malfunction are ongoing. "We cannot solely attribute the fire to our infrastructure," she asserted, noting the continuity of electrical supply until 18:40 that day.

Papadopoulou confirmed that EAC is actively investigating the incident alongside efforts to restore power to affected areas. "Currently, 90% of Farmakas and Kabi communities have been reconnected through the deployment of generators," she reported. However, damage assessment revealed significant impacts, including the destruction of 5 medium voltage poles and 2 transformers.

Acknowledging the severity, Papadopoulou emphasized ongoing efforts on-site, with specialized teams coordinating recovery operations. "Our primary focus remains on repairing infrastructure and fully restoring services to all residents," she affirmed, underscoring the collaborative approach with emergency services and local authorities.

Both the Fire Service and EAC continue their investigations into the incident's cause and effects, ensuring comprehensive assessments and preventive measures moving forward.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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