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Father and son arrested in search of grandma’s home

Turkish Cypriot police arrest two men in the north, court hearing set for Monday


Two Greek Cypriots, father and son, are set to appear before a Turkish Cypriot judge on Monday following their arrest in connection with military entry zone violations.

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The two men, 47-year-old Anastasis Martis and his son Michalis, aged 25, were arrested by Turkish Cypriot police for “illegally entering a military zone” while driving in the area of Strovilia on Saturday afternoon. 

'The only offence they are guilty of is wanting to show him grandma’s home'

According to Cyprus Times, the two men were on a house-finding mission to see grandma’s house. But while driving, authorities in the north said they entered a forbidden area and were immediately arrested.

The grandmother of the low-income family in the south told a CT reporter that their only mistake was to go into an area to see her house in the north.

“The only offence they are guilty of is wanting to show him grandma’s home,” she said.

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