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Police in north say drug dealers fly drones from south

Drug traffickers north and south use unmanned aerial drones for delivery of goods


Turkish Cypriot police say an unmanned aerial drone was used in a recent drug deal in the north, citing security camera footage showing a recent delivery from the south.

According to media reports in the north, a Turkish Cypriot suspect appeared in court following his recent arrest in connection with a drone delivery of illicit drugs.

Court documents showed that illegal drugs were found in the suspect’s possession, which were delivered remotely from the south with the use of a drone.

The incident took place on August 17, according to local police, when the drone landed in an empty field in north Nicosia.

CCTV footage captured from nearby buildings in the area showed the suspect picking up the package containing what was believed to be illegal drugs. He then got in his vehicle and left the area, according to police.

Anti-drug officers in the north have been mounting efforts recently to disrupt a network of illegal drug trafficking in north Nicosia.

A number of recent arrests included offenders and suspects from the south, some of whom have been convicted on drug trafficking charges.

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