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FIFA bans Russian national anthem and flag from international matches

Champions League final moved from St. Petersburg to Paris


FIFA is taking tough football measures against Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

As reported by "AFP", the World Federation has decided to ban the national anthem and the flag of Russia from its international matches.

A development that obviously affects Russia's participation in the 2022 World Cup (it plays a draw with Poland). It is recalled that on Friday (25/2) UEFA announced the change of headquarters of this year's Champions League final, which will be held in Paris and at the "Stade de France" instead of St. Petersburg, which was originally planned.

FIFA announcement:

"There will be no international event on Russian soil, with the home games being played in neutral venues, without the presence of spectators. "The teams representing Russia will play in any event under the name 'Russian Football Union' and not 'Russia'. The country's flag and anthem will not be used in matches involving the 'Russian Football Union'."

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