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First Lady's assistant denied extra pay

Finance Committee rejects overtime request amid controversy surrounding Doxa Komodromou

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A majority of the members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee approved the release of funds requested by the Presidency for salary payments, but the Committee unanimously rejected a separate request concerning overtime compensation for an employee temporarily assigned to the Presidency.

The Presidency had requested the release of a total of EUR 237,302, with EUR 226,302 allocated for "Salaries" and EUR 11,000 designated for "Purchase of Services."

Following the session, AKEL MP Christos Christofides addressed the matter, highlighting the context and implications. He stated, "Fifteen days after the initial session, when the astonishing fiasco/scandal surrounding the Deputy Government Spokesperson's overtime payments began to emerge, today's proceedings concluded with the positioning of political parties."

Christofides emphasized that AKEL consistently pressed for the issue not to be swept under the rug, leading to the withdrawal of the request by the Presidential Office. This withdrawal revealed that overtime payments were already in effect and implicated the Government Spokesperson.

Furthermore, Christofides reported that a majority of the Committee opted to approve the Presidential budget without provisions for the Deputy Government Spokesperson and the overtime budget for the First Lady's Assistant, who is also temporarily assigned to the Presidential Office.

Expressing his disagreement with this decision, he asserted that the Finance Committee held a form of leverage over the Presidency and the President of the Republic. He noted the absence of an official statement regarding the "enormous fiasco/scandal" and the failure to assume political responsibility.

Given this disheartening situation, Christofides maintained that the Finance Committee should retain its leverage to exert pressure on the President of the Republic. He expressed disappointment with the co-governing parties' stance and the apparent backing by DISY on this specific issue.

Christofides concluded by affirming that AKEL would persist in its demand for transparency and accountability in this case. He stressed that the responsibility extended beyond Government Spokesperson Doxa Komodromou, who likely did not make the overtime decision independently, to those who orchestrated and executed the scandal.

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