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Five arrested in Paphos illegal work bust

Police raids to combat labour violations focus on both illegal workers and their bosses


Police in Paphos raided a business establishment on Tuesday, arresting five individuals and issuing fines on the spot during an operation to combat illegal employment.

The illegal work bust took place at a commercial site undergoing renovation, where four persons were arrested on suspicion they were working without legal authorisation from the Republic of Cyprus. Another individual was arrested for identity theft, using falsified documents as well as providing false information to a police officer.

Three employers were also issued fines on the spot, which amounted to €17,500.

Based on recent legislation, which was passed by the House last year, employers get fined €500 for each person providing labour unlawfully, with retroactive fines up to €3500.

It was not immediately clear if any person would be deported as a direct result of Tuesday’s raid, but Cyprus police have consistently been detaining persons on charges of illegal employment in the past. Any violation of visa terms is grounds for deportation.

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