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Five arrested near buffer zone

Police arrest four foreign nationals and a man suspected of harbouring undocumented migrants


Five people were arrested on Wednesday near the buffer zone after a car reportedly seen in the Potamia area was later flagged down by police.

According to police, a vehicle was seen moving near empty fields close to the buffer zone on Wednesday night in Nicosia distrcit. It was stopped around 10pm for inspection near Nisou, with a 41-year-old male at the steering wheel and four passengers inside.

Police did not want to comment on whether the licence plate was registered in the north or south.

Sources told Knews at least one of the foreign nationals was from Africa while the driver was described as Turkish Cypriot, who is expected to be charged for harboring or shielding undocumented migrants in exchange for money.

The other three men and one woman, all four foreign nationals, were arrested on suspicion of illegal entry.

Cops, who searched through the migrants’ belongings, said they were able to identify the passengers through travel documents found in their bags.

All five were detained for questioning at the Pera Chorio Nisou police station.


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