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Flagged down car escorted to hospital

Police spring into action during traffic stop on Limassol-Nicosia highway citing medical incident


A car stopped by police on the highway Thursday night ended up being escorted to the hospital after officers determined the driver was rushing his wife to seek medical care.

According to police, a car moving northbound on the Limassol-Nicosia highway Thursday night, around 9:30pm, was flagged down for inspection.

During the traffic stop, officers determined that the male driver was rushing his wife to a private hospital in Nicosia in response to a “serious medical incident.”

Police told Knews that officers immediately sprang into action, escorting the vehicle to the private hospital in the capital.

No details or location were shared by the patrol officers who made the stop, but a police communications officer told Knews the incident did not involve pregnancy, adding that his colleagues took quick action and provided safe conditions until the couple could reach their destination.

Police said the driver had not violated any laws prior to the traffic stop.


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