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Floating metropolis to tackle climate change

Japanese designers create a visionary ocean-based habitat resembling SpaceX's innovation

Source: Study Finds

Japanese designers are preparing for rising sea levels in the future — by sitting on top of them in a vast floating city! Developers N-Ark, who see the idea as the ocean-based version of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, say “Dogen City” would provide a self-sufficient habitat for 40,000 residents.

They explain that a new economic zone called the New Ocean would be resilient to climate change. Measuring nearly two-and-a-half miles in circumference, the plan would be for inhabitants to be able to get to any point in the zone within an hour.

N-Ark’s development roadmap currently earmarks 2030 as the completion date for this floating metropolis.

The designers are proposing to build a range of structures, including a sports stadium, and the properties could move by sailing them to another location within the complex. The infrastructure is circular in design to protect it from severe weather and consists of three infrastructure types.

These are a habitable ring containing the main habitable zones, an undersea data center and medical research facilities, and flexible inner ring structures that can move freely in the internal bay.

N-Ark’s development roadmap currently earmarks 2030 as the completion date for this floating metropolis.

“New Ocean is a term intended for the ocean version of the private space business innovation ‘New Space’ started by SpaceX,” officials say, according to a statement from SWNS.

“We will propose six elements (medical, food, housing, information, and electrical services) to realize New Ocean, promote the entry of various companies, and promote ocean development activities. Through this, we aim to create maritime innovation, and seek to create this future together with participating companies, governments, and universities.”

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