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Foreign experts join probe into corruption allegations

Government takes action to ensure thorough investigation


In response to revelations from the investigative report "Cyprus Confidential," experts specializing in sanctions violation and anti-money laundering (AML) from an undisclosed country are set to join the ongoing investigation in Cyprus, according to Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis.

Following a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Letymbiotis addressed journalists, stating that the number of experts and their country of origin would be disclosed upon their arrival in Cyprus. He emphasized that the move is part of the President of the Republic's commitment to demonstrating zero tolerance for any wrongdoing.

"The President has personally contacted a country to send a team of experts who will assist the work of investigators in Cyprus. The response was immediately positive," Letymbiotis revealed.

He further highlighted that the relevant service in the Cyprus police has already been bolstered with additional personnel, and additional reinforcements will be deployed as needed. The technical knowledge and experience of the incoming foreign experts, based on the practices of their country, are expected to significantly contribute to the thorough investigation and clarification of all elements brought to light, both recently and in existing cases.

"As the President has made clear, we will not allow any shadow to be cast on the name of our country, with any potential damage it may cause to the financial sector, which we have fortified over the last ten years," Letymbiotis stated.

He underscored that Cyprus currently maintains a secure and well-fortified framework, as affirmed by Moneyval’s investigations. When asked about the specific cases the experts will address, Letymbiotis specified that their focus would be on issues related to sanctions evasion or money laundering. The experts are expected to arrive soon, with an official announcement to follow.

[Information from CNA]

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