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Fraud suspected in arson of vacant home

Suspect in burglary and arson case point finger at couple whose Limassol house was set on fire


Police are trying to get to the bottom of an arson case, following a series of arrests including a couple whose home in Limassol was burglarized and damaged by fire last month.

Drug squad officers on Sunday arrested a 23-year-old male who was wanted in connection with burglary and arson in Limassol. Last month a house was set on fire, belonging to a couple in their mid-40’s, who had been traveling overseas at the time with their children according to reports.

Police said the house was set on fire on December 26 late at night, with extensive damages to the residence and a family car that was parked outside, while it also emerged that a money safe containing €180,000 was stolen along with jewelry and two Rolex watches worth 30 grand.

The male owner of the residence, who reportedly works overseas, was later arrested along with his wife after another 40-year-old suspect detained over the incident accused the couple of being involved in an insurance fraud scheme, according to local media.

Police sources said the 40-year-old man told investigators that another 32-year-old male, who was detained by British Base law enforcement authorities, had arranged for the arson attack after paying him and the 23-year-old to set the house on fire.

Police are investigating allegations that the couple may have staged the attack in order to defraud the insurance company. Unconfirmed reports said the insurance policy payout had been updated upwards days before the incident, estimated around €2 million.

A drug squad officer was also injured Sunday during a chase before the 23-year-old suspect was finally apprehended, along with another man who was detained on drug charges alone.

CID Limassol are conducting an nvestigation.

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