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French far right poised for record surge in European Elections

Cost of living tops voter concerns in France, Germany, Italy, and Poland


According to findings cited by Politico, the French far-right is poised to secure its highest-ever percentages in the upcoming June European elections.

The National Rally, led by 55-year-old Marine Le Pen, with 28-year-old Jordan Bardella at the helm since 2022, is estimated to potentially secure up to 33%, compared to 23.3% garnered in 2019. Additionally, the right-wing party Reconquête, led by Éric Zemmour, could reach 6%, as per a survey conducted by Portland Communications at the end of January, with a sample size of 1,034 individuals. In comparison, the centrist coalition, which includes French President Emmanuel Macron's faction, is projected not to surpass 14%.

Portland Communications conducted similar surveys not only in France but also in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.

Except for Poland, where the Civic Platform led by current Prime Minister Donald Tusk leads with 35%, right-wing movements are expected to rise across other countries.

For instance, in Germany, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is anticipated to reach nearly 17%, up from 11% in the 2019 European elections.

Sixty-eight percent of French and 66% of Germans express that their country is "on the wrong track."

In France, Germany, Italy, and Poland, the cost of living is the top concern for voters, while housing crisis tops worries for Dutch voters.

Migration follows as the second most crucial issue in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, while healthcare ranks second in Italy and Poland.

[With information sourced from Politico]

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