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Cyprus in legal battle over alleged rights violations

Defendants demand two million euros


In a dramatic legal saga, the law firm Christos Pourgourides & Co LLC has filed a lawsuit against the Republic of Cyprus on behalf of their clients, Andreas Christofi and Kostakis Christofi from Trimiklini.

The suit, lodged at the Limassol District Court, alleges constitutional rights violations and seeks damages exceeding two million euros due to alleged misconduct by the Auditor General and the Attorney General.

Specifically, the plaintiffs are claiming €2 million for the infringement of their constitutional right to the presumption of innocence. "Both the Auditor General and the spokesperson of the Audit Office have repeatedly asserted that our clients are guilty of numerous wrongdoings," the statement reads. "However, both the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights explicitly state that everyone is presumed innocent, and only courts can determine guilt for any wrongdoing."

This legal battle sheds light on the complexities of legal proceedings and the fundamental rights enshrined in Cyprus's legal framework. As the case unfolds, it underscores the significance of due process and the impartiality of judicial systems in upholding the rule of law. The outcome of this lawsuit will undoubtedly reverberate across legal and constitutional circles, shaping future interpretations of fundamental rights and legal accountability in Cyprus.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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