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Controversial 'Las Vegas on the Mediterranean' plan for Varosha unveiled

Billionaire consortium's proposal sparks opposition from UN, Republic of Cyprus with possible royal implications


A proposal to transform Varosha into a "Las Vegas on the Mediterranean" has surfaced, reportedly backed by a consortium of global billionaire businessmen, as revealed by the British newspaper Daily Express. The plan, supported by influential hoteliers, envisions a billion-pound project featuring casinos, luxury hotels, resorts, high-end shops, and restaurants in the UN-run Famagusta region. The proposal is anticipated to face resistance from the UN, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, and potential implications for King Charles.

The Daily Express suggests that the UN and the Republic of Cyprus government are likely to oppose the ambitious project, which could present challenges for King Charles, given a report by the pseudo-state claiming ownership of the Golden Sands Hotel by the British monarch. The British royal family has previously refuted these claims. The report raises questions about the hotel complex's use by British forces since 1974, a claim denied by the Ministry of Defence in response to inquiries in London.

The Golden Sands Hotel, once declared the world's first seven-star hotel in 1974, has remained vacant. The proposed transformation of Varosha into a bustling hub with casinos, luxury establishments, and high-end amenities has garnered attention.

The Daily Express notes that this proposal reflects growing frustration in the pseudo-state over the handling of occupied territories and perceived isolation. It highlights Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar's stance on the "two-state solution," as expressed in numerous interviews with the newspaper. The ambitious project could fuel tensions and draw international scrutiny to the region.

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