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Christodoulides faces declining ratings amid citizen discontent

Marina Economidou urges course correction to address dissatisfaction and fading electoral commitments


Marina Economidou, Director of 'Kathimerini,' has commented on the recent poll results indicating a decline in the ratings of President Nikos Christodoulides. Speaking to SPOR FM 95.0 and the show 'DIASPORA NEWS,' Economidou emphasized the urgent need for the President to address citizen dissatisfaction and disappointment in his governance. The poll, conducted by Symmetron Market Research for 'K,' underscores growing discontent and a perception that electoral commitments have not been fulfilled.

Economidou pointed out that the results were not surprising, as the government acknowledges the prevailing disappointment. She highlighted the apparent strain on the President's voter base, especially among Coalitionists who have distanced themselves from the party due to perceived mismanagement, such as the handling of messages. According to Economidou, despite portraying himself as a new type of leader during the election, Christodoulides' actions have revealed an outdated mentality.

Addressing the President's entourage, Economidou expressed a sense that there are no strong political figures, suggesting a potential failure in finding or allowing overshadowing personalities. She noted that President Christodoulides' perceived failure is leading voters to reassert their ideological identity, strengthening support for the major parties and ELAM. Additionally, parties that initially supported Christodoulides are experiencing a decline in numbers, fueling debates about their continued alliance with the government.


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