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Shifting tides as President sees changing voter sentiments in recent poll

Public opinion poll reveals dissatisfaction with President Christodoulides' first year in office


In a recent survey conducted by Red Wolf PR & Advertising, discontent with the performance of President Nicos Christodoulides has emerged, signaling a shift in public sentiment just one year after his election. The poll, titled "Cyprus Public Opinion," conducted by Prime Market Research and Consulting on behalf of Red Wolf PR & Advertising, sheds light on the changing preferences of the electorate.

When asked, "Who would you vote for if we had elections next Sunday," the respondents indicated a significant shift in support. President Christodoulides, who secured 6 out of 10 votes in the previous election, would now find himself in third place, trailing behind Averof Neofytou and Andreas Mavroyiannis.

The initiative, "Cyprus Public Opinion," spearheaded by Red Wolf PR & Advertising, aims to provide a biannual snapshot of public sentiment on a nationwide scale. This ongoing survey series aims to gauge the evolving opinions and preferences of the Cypriot electorate.

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