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Christodoulides: Reunification in 2024 despite 50 year anniversary

Nikos Christodoulides aims for Cyprus reunification in 2024 while Turkish Vice President asserts ''two sovereign states'' in Cyprus as he visits occupied areas


Nikos Christodoulides emphasizes the significance of 2024, marking 50 years since the Turkish invasion and 20 years since Cyprus joined the EU. He expresses hope for the reunification of the homeland, highlighting ongoing discussions in Brussels and preparations for the EU Council presidency in 2026.

In a statement during the New Year's cake-cutting at Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK), President Nikos Christodoulides asserted his commitment to making 2024 the year of liberation and reunification for Cyprus. The year holds particular importance as it commemorates 50 years since the Turkish invasion and occupation.

President Christodoulides emphasized the need for political will and referred to recent developments, including the appointment of the UN Secretary-General's personal envoy, who is expected in Cyprus. He also highlighted 2024 as the 20th anniversary of Cyprus's accession to the European Union and discussed preparations for the EU Council presidency in the first half of 2026.

Acknowledging the challenges of an election year for both the European Parliament and local government, the President urged collaboration among parliamentary parties to address issues that transcend party lines. He specifically mentioned the reform of local government as a significant challenge and expressed confidence in achieving success through cooperation.

Giorgos Kentas, the President of RIK's Board, announced initiatives to educate younger generations about the Cyprus issue and emphasized the organization's commitment to revising RIK's legislation for modern public broadcasting.

Meanwhile, Turkish Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz, visiting the occupied territories, asserted that Cyprus comprises "two sovereign independent states." He dismissed attempts to revisit previous methods, stating that negotiations should occur between these two states. Yilmaz drew parallels between the situation in Gaza and the past experiences of Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus, emphasizing the importance of strength, unity, and solidarity.

Calling for a two-state solution based on 1967 borders, Yilmaz outlined Turkey's position, expecting a permanent ceasefire and advocating for the existence of a Palestinian state. He commended the historical ties of Islam in Cyprus and highlighted the opening of the new Swat Gunsel mosque as an expression of self-confidence for Turkish Cypriots.

Despite efforts to isolate the pseudo-state, Yilmaz expressed confidence in its continued existence as an "independent sovereign state." He celebrated investments, such as the Swat Gunsel Mosque, as symbolic stamps on the earth, reaffirming Turkey's support for the development of the pseudo-state.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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