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Amateur UK photographer's arctic encounter wins prestigious Wildlife Award

Captivating image of polar bear's ice bed earns photographer wildlife prize

Newsroom / CNA

Nima Sarikhani, an amateur photographer from the UK, clinched the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award with his captivating snapshot capturing a polar bear snoozing in a makeshift bed carved into a small iceberg off Norway's Svalbard archipelago.

As Sky News reports, Sarikhani's perseverance during a three-day search through dense fog led to this emotive encounter.

Titled "Ice Bed," Sarikhani's image triumphed as the people's choice from a pool of nearly 50,000 submissions worldwide, earning praise from over 75,000 voters, marking a record turnout. Organizers hailed the photo as "breathtaking and poignant," emphasizing its role in highlighting the planet's beauty and fragility amidst climate challenges.

Expressing gratitude for the honor, Sarikhani underscored the emotional impact of his work, aiming to inspire hope amid climate concerns. Alongside "Ice Bed," four other commendable photographs will accompany the exhibition at the Natural History Museum until June.

Sarikhani's win follows Laurent Ballesta's recognition as the overall Wildlife Photographer of the Year, chosen by judges. Notably, the last UK photographer to secure the people's choice award was Sam Rowley in 2020, while Ben Osborne clinched the main competition in 2007 with a captivating shot of a bull elephant in Botswana.

[With information sourced from Sky News]

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