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17 July, 2024
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From clear skies to thunderous showers

Clear Thursday to thunderstruck Sunday


Starting off with Thursday, the day promises mostly clear skies. However, keep an eye out for afternoon clouds gathering over the mountains.

Temperature-wise, we're looking at around 23 degrees inland, east, and the south coast, while the west and north coast will enjoy a slightly warmer 24 degrees. Head up to the mountains, and it's a cooler 13 degrees.

Looking ahead to Friday, expect predominantly clear skies, with clouds making a cameo appearance in the mountains during the afternoon. Winds will play along, mainly from the northeast, occasionally shifting to the southeast.

It's a light to moderate breeze, 3 to 4 Beaufort, but watch out for stronger gusts, especially in the south and on the east coast.

Saturday spices things up with partly cloudy conditions. Be prepared for some isolated showers throughout the day, and as the evening rolls in, clouds take center stage, bringing localised showers and isolated thunderstorms. Keep that umbrella handy!

Wrapping up the weekend on Sunday, afternoon plans might get a bit damp. Local showers and isolated thunderstorms are on the agenda. Brace yourselves for strong to very strong southwest to west winds making their presence felt across the region.

Temperature-wise, Friday will maintain the status quo, but by Sunday, expect a gradual dip. It'll be close to or slightly above average climatic values.

And here's a quirky bonus - intermittent sparse dust in the atmosphere today, adding a touch of the unexpected to your weather experience. So, gear up for a dynamic weekend of weather adventures!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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