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18 June, 2024
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Frost in the mountains - When are the rains coming?

The forecast of the Meteorological Service

Source: Announcement

Today's weather will be mostly clear, with some locally increasing clouds. Winds will be mostly northeasterly, ranging from light to moderate 3 to 4 Beaufort, with gusts up to 5 Beaufort on the offshore winds. The sea will be a little rough.   Temperatures will rise to 14°F inland, around 16°F on the coast, and 4°F in the higher mountains, where frost is likely to form locally.

The weather will be mostly clear in the evening, but there will be increasing clouds locally. Winds will be light to moderate (3 to 4 Beaufort) from the northwest to the northeast. The sea will be choppy to slightly choppy in some areas. Temperatures will drop to 1 degree inland, 6 degrees on the coast, and -3 degrees higher in the mountains. In the mountains and inland areas, frost is expected.

The weather will be mostly clear on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but there will be some increasing clouds and light showers, and light snow or sleet in the higher mountains cannot be ruled out.

The temperature will not change significantly on Wednesday and Thursday but will rise slightly on Friday to be closer to climatic averages.

At the time of writing, the snow depth at Troodos Square was 53 cm.


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