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Turkish daily Hurriyet's front page: 'Efharisto poli file'

The Turkish newspaper thanked Greece for its assistance following the February 6 earthquakes

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet" expressed its gratitude to Greece for its assistance following the February 6 earthquakes.

"Efharisto poli file" is written on the newspaper's cover.

Kathimerini and SKAI correspondent, Manolis Kostidis, reports that the earthquake victims are grateful to the Greeks for the assistance provided through the EMAK, while anger at the Turkish government is at an all-time high.

The Cumuriyet newspaper reported, "31 thousand dead, not a single resignation," alluding to Tayyip Erdogan's government.

Finally, the Sozcu newspaper reports: "We failed because not even a crane can be used without Erdogan's order" and quotes statements by politicians saying "I went there on Erdogan's order", and "I did this on Erdogan's order".

198 hours after the earthquake, three people were rescued.

More than a week after the deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake, "miracles" continue to occur in the rubble of buildings in Turkey, with rescue crews pulling survivors from the rubble. This morning, nearly 198 hours after the devastating earthquake, an 18-year-old teen and two young brothers were rescued.

Worldwide outrage is increasing following reports of the rescue of earthquake victims who were left buried under rubble for a full week following the earthquakes on February 6. All eyes, however, are now focused on the enormous challenges that Ankara and Damascus face the following day as the happy incidents of the past 24 hours are few and far between and the rescue operations are about to come to an end.

Martin Griffiths, the UN Assistant Secretary of State and head of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs, reported yesterday from Aleppo, Syria, that the rescue effort in the two countries was "nearing its end" and that the emphasis was now on giving survivors shelter, food, and psychological support. The UN representative emphasized that because the international community has so far failed to offer them the necessary assistance, Syrians in particular "rightly feel abandoned."

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