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Objects shot down by US are not of alien origin, says George Danos

The President of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organization said they are most likely objects used for research or espionage

Source: CNA

President of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) George Danos told CNA that he highly doubts that the objects shot down recently by the US army are of extraterrestrial origin.

He expressed the view that they are most probably objects for research or even espionage purposes.

Danos also referred to the recent US report that suggests an increase in sightings of unidentified aerial objects.

He said that following the incident with the air balloon that was flying over sensitive nuclear facilities there was increased vigilance that led to the detection of more mysterious objects that were also shot down.

He said their origin was not yet known and that the term "object" is still used to describe them. One of these objects, he added, was octagonal and had strings attached to it. However, the US said that these had no maneuvering mechanisms and must be low-tech objects.

"At the moment they are called unidentified objects but that doesn't necessarily mean they are of extraterrestrial origin and I highly doubt they are of extraterrestrial origin," Danos said.

He expressed the opinion that they are probably objects from foreign countries, either for research or even for espionage purposes.

White House has said that there is no evidence that the three objects shot down recently by U.S. fighter jets came from anywhere other than Earth.

"There is no indication of aliens or other extra-terrestrial activity with these recent takedowns," a White House official said Monday.

It is noted that last month, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”.

Danos told CNA that according to the report, there is a significant increase in sightings of unidentified objects with behavior that suggests highly developed technologies.

Some of those objects “demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities.” according to the report.

"There is a very increased number in reported sightings of objects behaving in very strange ways," he said but noted that this is a separate issue from the recent objects that were shot down.

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