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Fun and sun with a dash of thunder and showers

A detailed look at the week ahead


Good morning!  Here's the weather report for the next few days.

A weak low-pressure system is set to influence the weather in our region until tomorrow, bringing with it relatively unstable conditions.

Today's weather

We'll start the day with mostly clear skies, but as the hours progress, expect a gradual increase in cloud cover. By midday, isolated showers and occasional thunderstorms are anticipated, primarily affecting mountainous regions, inland areas, and possibly the northern locales. Wind patterns will initially favor southeast to southwest directions with local variations, maintaining a light breeze at 3 Beaufort. Later in the day, winds will shift predominantly from southwest to northwest, still maintaining a light to moderate intensity at 3 to 4 Beaufort. Sea conditions will range from calm to slightly choppy, particularly in the western and northern coastal areas. Temperature-wise, we're looking at highs of around 35 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 32 degrees along the southeast and east coast, around 31 degrees elsewhere along the coast, and a cooler 26 degrees in the elevated mountainous regions.

Tonight's weather

As the night progresses, the skies will gradually clear. During the late hours and into the early morning, there's a possibility of localized fog or low-lying clouds forming, primarily in the interior and eastern areas. Winds will predominantly blow from the southwest to the northwest, with occasional northeastern gusts, all at a light intensity of 3 Beaufort. Sea conditions will continue to range from calm to slightly choppy, with the western coast retaining a bit of turbulence. Temperatures will decrease to approximately 19 degrees Celsius inland, around 21 degrees along the coast, and a cooler 15 degrees in the higher elevated regions.

Wednesday's outlook

Wednesday will see a gradual increase in cloud cover, with the likelihood of isolated showers and thunderstorms persisting. Temperature levels will remain relatively stable.

Thursday's forecast

On Thursday, we can expect clouds to gather, especially in the afternoon, potentially leading to isolated showers or thunderstorms, primarily affecting mountainous areas. Temperatures will experience a slight, gradual rise, surpassing the typical climatic values.

Friday's weather

Friday's outlook promises mostly clear skies, with some cloud build-up in the mountains during the afternoon. Temperatures will continue to inch upward, exceeding the usual seasonal averages.

Stay tuned for further weather updates as we track these dynamic atmospheric conditions.

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