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21 June, 2024
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Hold onto your hats! Unpredictable weather ahead

Here's a preview of Cyprus' weather rollercoaster this week


Get ready for a weather extravaganza on our sunny island. Picture a weather forecast with a twist of whimsy, as we dive into the magical world of meteorology!

Morning brings us a clear blue canvas, but as the sun climbs, clouds decide to join the party. They're like fashionably late guests, especially in the mountainous and inland areas. Winds play musical chairs - first, they're blowing from the southeast and southwest, then they switch to southwest and northwest. The sea decides to show off a bit with mild waves. Temperatures sizzle to around 36 degrees inland, while the coast enjoys a cooler breeze at about 33 in the southeast and along the east coast. Coastal regions to the west can chill at around 31 degrees, and up in the mountains, it's a comfy 27 degrees.

As the sun bids adieu, the night sky remains mostly clear. However, expect the unexpected - some low-hanging clouds might pop in for a surprise visit later on. Winds play it cool, blowing from the northwest to northeast, while the northern coast gets a hint of a southeastern breeze. The sea is in a zen mood, mostly calm, with just a few pockets of minor choppiness. Temperature-wise, it's time to cozy up - around 19 degrees inland, 21 degrees by the coast, and a crisp 16 degrees in the lofty mountains.

But hold onto your umbrellas! Starting tomorrow, we're in for some weather waltzing. Clouds will waltz in around midday, bringing isolated showers and even a bit of thunder in the mountains and inland areas. It's like nature's very own dance-off!

The show must go on! Wednesday brings more of the same - isolated showers and thunderstorms, especially in the mountainous regions and the eastern half of the island. Will the rain dance reach a crescendo? Yes!

The grand finale! On Thursday, expect more clouds to gather as the day progresses. They'll perform their own routine, delivering isolated showers, mainly in the mountains. Will this be the spectacular climax we've been waiting for? I think so!

While temperatures may have a slight change of heart on Tuesday, Wednesday keeps things steady, almost like a well-practiced dance routine. By Thursday, it's time for a weather encore as the mercury rises once more. So, grab your umbrella and tap into the rhythm of nature's whimsical dance - who knows what delightful surprises await in the Cypriot skies!

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