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Gabriel Attal appointed as youngest Prime Minister in history of France

President Macron's bold move as Gabriel Attal, 34, becomes youngest Prime Minister, breaking norms and igniting political change


In a move aimed at rejuvenating his second term, French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed his 34-year-old Education Minister, Gabriel Attal, as the country's new Prime Minister. This makes Attal the youngest person to hold the position and the first openly gay individual to do so.

The Élysée Palace confirmed the appointment on Tuesday, following the resignation of former Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne. Attal, previously considered a rising star within Macron's party, will now assemble his cabinet.

Macron's decision to elevate Attal comes as a surprise to many, given the latter's relatively short tenure as Education Minister. Other more seasoned candidates, including veteran Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, were overlooked.

Macron is banking on Attal's popularity and political savvy to navigate through challenges such as a fractured parliament and a 10-point polling deficit against Marine Le Pen's far-right party. However, political analyst Chloé Morin cautioned that Attal's appointment doesn't address Macron's core issue: a lack of parliamentary majority, requiring him to collaborate with opposition parties.

Attal's approval ratings have surged in recent months, reaching 40%, making him the most popular politician in France, according to Ipsos. His political journey began as a member of the Socialist Party and gained momentum when he joined Macron's centrist administration in 2017.

With Attal at the helm, analysts predict a shift in focus toward social issues, including legislation on euthanasia and constitutional protections for abortion rights. Macron has expressed confidence in Attal's ability to help realize his vision for the country over the next three years.

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