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Gaza death toll surpasses 4,000 as conflict continues

Biden condemns anti-semitism and islamophobia in the US


In a harrowing revelation, Israel's military has disclosed that 20 children under the age of 18 are among 200 hostages currently being held in Gaza, following the series of attacks by Hamas on October 7th.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) issued a statement, indicating that a substantial number of those being held hostage are still alive, with between 10 to 20 individuals aged over 60 among them. These chilling developments have transformed Gaza into a "hellhole" for its civilians, and time is running out to provide aid, according to the United Nations' agency for Palestinian refugees.

UN Chief Antonio Guterres recently visited the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, expressing his expectation that the first shipment of aid would enter Gaza in the coming days. This critical aid is the lifeline for the people of Gaza, as they continue to endure the consequences of this protracted conflict.

Palestinian officials have reported that more than 4,000 people have lost their lives in Gaza since the onset of the hostilities, with Hamas's initial attack on October 7th responsible for over 1,400 casualties. Tragically, the death toll continues to rise, as over 13,000 individuals have been wounded in Gaza.

Israel's persistent bombardment of the Gaza Strip has contributed to the dire humanitarian situation. Despite initial hopes for humanitarian aid to reach Gaza, it has yet to materialize. Standing at the still-closed Rafah crossing, Antonio Guterres passionately appealed for the expedited crossing of aid trucks. These shipments are not only essential for immediate relief but also symbolize the difference between life and death for many.

The obstacles to delivering aid remain unclear, but Israel's insistence on preventing aid from reaching Hamas has been a significant roadblock. Furthermore, Israel's refusal to allow fuel into Gaza, a crucial component for UN aid distribution, has compounded the humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, Israel has continued its airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, with another hundred bombings overnight. The IDF claimed to have eliminated yet another Hamas leader in the process, perpetuating the cycle of violence in the region.

On the international stage, the recent comments by US President Joe Biden comparing Russia to Hamas and labeling Vladimir Putin a "tyrant" have raised tensions. Biden emphasized the United States' commitment to stand behind Israel and Ukraine in the face of Russia and Hamas, declaring that they will not allow "terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin" to emerge victorious.

The US President announced his intention to send an urgent funding request, expected to be approximately $105 billion, to Congress. This financial support aims to bolster Ukraine and Israel during these turbulent times. Biden affirmed that the safety of Americans held hostage remains his highest priority.

In his address, President Biden condemned any acts of hatred against Jews or Muslims in the United States and stressed the need to unequivocally denounce anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. He called for unity in the face of bigotry.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with civilians caught in the crossfire of a protracted conflict. The urgency of delivering aid to the region is a matter of life and death. Meanwhile, international relations are strained as the US President's comments on Russia and Hamas reverberate. Amid these challenges, the need for unity, compassion, and support for the innocent victims of this conflict has never been more evident.

[With information sourced from BBC]

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