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Germany probes Russian leaked military talks on Ukraine

Leaked conversation spurs German military investigation


German authorities are launching an investigation following the emergence of an audio recording in which German military officials purportedly discuss aiding Ukraine, including the potential deployment of Taurus missiles, in Russia.

According to a report on AP, chancellor Olaf Scholz, currently in Rome, termed the situation "very serious," affirming that authorities are diligently probing the matter. The 38-minute recording delves into debates surrounding the potential use of Taurus long-range cruise missiles by Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict.

While Scholz remains cautious about sending Taurus missiles, citing concerns of direct involvement in the war, the purported audio reveals discussions on their theoretical deployment in Ukraine.

Amidst speculation of intercepted communications within the German Air Force, the Ministry of Defense is investigating the matter. Margarita Simonyan, chief editor of Russian state-funded TV channel RT, shared the audio, alleging discussions of potential strikes on Russian targets.

Despite being the second-largest military aid provider to Ukraine, Germany has hesitated on supplying Taurus missiles, emphasizing support without escalation. Scholz reiterated Germany's stance against direct involvement in the conflict, opposing proposals for Western troop deployment in Ukraine.

The unfolding investigation underscores the complex dynamics surrounding military assistance to Ukraine amidst escalating tensions in the region.

[With information sourced from AP]

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