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Healthcare workers demand collective contract in eight-hour strike

State hospital workers demand employment contract


In a resolute move, employees of the Organization of State Health Services (OKYS) are set to conduct an eight-hour strike on October 25, 2023, from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, in a bid to push for a collective employment contract. The strike, which involves various professional groups within the organization, is being organized by trade unions DEK, PEO, DEEC, PASYDY, PASYNO, and PASYKI.

The primary trigger for this strike is the Organization's alleged failure to accept the terms of a collective employment contract, similar to those established in the broader public sector. Of particular concern is the employment status of individuals hired under personal contracts, raising questions about their job security.

A Joint Technical Committee, comprising representatives from trade unions and the Organization, had previously determined that the cost of the proposed collective agreement would not pose an economic viability issue. Furthermore, it was clarified that the law governing the Organization allows for the conclusion of such an agreement.

During the strike, employees from various professional backgrounds will gather outside public hospitals. While expressing sympathy for the potential impact on patients, the trade unions emphasize that the responsibility for patient inconvenience lies with the CSO (Organization of State Health Services) and those responsible for its stance.

The Ministry of Health and the Government have faced criticism for their perceived lack of intervention in the lead-up to the strike. In an attempt to minimize disruption to patient care and health, special measures are being implemented.

This strike underscores the determination of healthcare workers to secure their employment rights and better working conditions, prompting a day of action that will impact state hospitals and potentially lead to further industrial action if their demands are not met.

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